Dragon Oven Rentals



Two years in the making: Ray Cirino’s Dragon Oven. It has escaped and is ready for your party excitement. Who doesn’t want to eat something baked in an oven crafted in the shape of a dragon? Especially one on wheels!

Perfect for fancy high-end celebrations or low-key children’s affairs, outback weekend desert events or for that afternoon business function ready to impress… the Dragon Oven is great for all occasions. See our rates and criteria for booking below, then give us a shout. Or use the calender form on the right to pencil in a date and send an automated email to us.

Attention Los Angeles chefs for hire and event coordenators, please contact us for special rates. Ask any question you like. We’re here and breathing fire for your next bash!

So what’s your next theme party? Pirate, Renaissance, Magic, Toga, Hippie, Moderately Gosh  or Mötley Crüe? No matter what the theme Ray Cirino’s Dragon Oven is the oven for you. It guarantees a memorable even for everyone.

Dragon Oven Rental $750 per day* 50% Down
Second Oven $175 per day* For over 200 guests

* Includes cleaning fees, set up, wrap and transportation.

If your event is outside the green radius on the map below there may be extra travel costs incurred.



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